Townies are the "good" side to Town of Salem. Their aim is to lynch or kill all the "criminals and evil-doers", which are rival factions that mean the town harm: The Mafia, Neutral Chaos, and Neutral Killing roles.

Role Role Alignment Role Description
Bodyguard Town Protective Sacrifice yourself to protect one person from death at night, killing their attacker and yourself.
Doctor Town Protective Heal one person each night, preventing them from dying.
Escort Town Support Distract someone each night. Certain roles are immune to role blocking such as other Escorts/Consorts, Transporters, Witches, Serial Killers, and Werewolves on full moons.
Investigator Town Investigative Investigate someone for a clue to their role.
Jailor Town Killing Choose someone each day to jail for the night. You may talk to them and choose to execute them.
Lookout Town Investigative Watch someone at night to see who visits them.
Mayor Town Support Gain 3 votes when revealing as Mayor.
Medium Town Support Speak with the dead at night. Seance a live player once. You may only seance when you are dead.
Retributionist Town Support Resurrect a Town member from the dead.
Sheriff Town Investigative Check one person each night for suspicious activity.
Spy Town Investigative Able to read mafia chat and view who they visit. You may also listen to everyone's whispers.
Transporter Town Support Choose two people to switch places with each other at night.
Vampire Hunter Town Killing Check for Vampires each night.
Veteran Town Killing Decide whether or not to be alert during the night, killing all your visitors.
Vigilante Town Killing Choose to take justice in your own hands and shoot someone. If you shoot a townie, you will commit suicide.