Neutrals have but one certain allegiance - themselves. Instead of wanting all evil-doers killed like the innocent townsfolk, or the Mafia to dominate the Town, Neutrals have a diverse set of goals each unique to different roles. The types of such goal further divide the neutral alignment into subcategories: Killing, Chaos, Evil, and Benign.

Role Role Alignment Role Description
Amnesiac Neutral Benign Remember who you were by selecting a role from the graveyard.
Arsonist Neutral Killing Douse someone in gasoline or ignite all doused targets.
Executioner Neutral Evil Get your target lynched.
Jester Neutral Evil Trick the Town into voting against you.
Serial Killer Neutral Killing Kill someone each night.
Survivor Neutral Benign Put on a bulletproof vest at night, protecting yourself from attacks. Try to survive to the end of the game.
Vampire Neutral Chaos Convert others to Vampires at night.
Werewolf Neutral Killing Go on a rampage every Full Moon, killing your target and all of their visitors.
Witch Neutral Evil Control someone each night making them go to the house of whomever you choose and using their ability.