Classic Mode

Classic is the simplest form of the game; the roles are predetermined. This mode is geared towards newer players so they can learn roles without them changing every other game.

The amount of roles depend on the number of players. The corresponding number will be the first roles that are used. For example: if there are 10 players only the first 10 roles will be used. This means that if there are twelve or fewer players, there will be no uncertainty to what roles are in the game, as there will be no Town Killing or Random Town.

Ranked Practice

This mode may be found under the 'Normal' tab and it features the same role list which Ranked mode has.

-10 games of this mode are required to play Ranked.

-Players may play this mode with friends in a party.


Competitive? Experienced? Ranked mode may be found under the 'Normal' tab.

Custom Mode

Custom gives the Host more freedom to choose what they want to put into their game.

Rapid Mode

Rapid Mode is a Game mode where everything is fast-paced. The timer for several aspects of the game is cut in half, leaving you with much less time. If you need a quick game or a fast-progressing game, then this is where you'll find it.

All Any

All Any mode is completely random and consists of 15 Any spots, which can be any of the 33 roles in the game. As with other modes, there can only be one of each Unique Role if one is selected. Games can have as many as 5 starting Mafia members and, although very rare, as few as 0 Mafia members. There actually CAN be 6 mafia but only if an Amnesiac becomes a dead Mafia member's role.

Rainbow Mode

Rainbow Mode is a chaotic game mode where the role list looks like a rainbow. Arsonists, Serial Killers, and the Godfather are night immune, as well as any potential Survivors and Veterans on alert.


The goal of Vigilantics is for one team, either Vigilantes or Witches, to kill the opposing team at night to win. Witches want to force Vigilantes to kill other Vigilantes, and Vigilantes try to shoot or lynch the Witches. If a Vigilante shoots another Vigilante, both will die, as the original shooter will commit suicide after murdering a Town Member.