The Mafia have a very simple aim: Kill all who will not submit -- the innocent members of the Town, all Neutral Killers, and all Vampires. All Mafia members can talk to each other at night and know each other's identities.

Role Role Alignment Role Description
Blackmailer Mafia Support Choose one person each night to blackmail. They will not be able to speak in the morning.
Consigliere Mafia Support Check one person for their exact role each night.
Consort Mafia Support Distract someone each night, role blocking them.
Disguiser Mafia Deception Choose a person to disguise as each night,appearing as their role when you die.
Forger Mafia Deception Choose a person and rewrite their last will at night.
Framer Mafia Deception Choose one person to frame each night. They show up as a member of the mafia to the Sheriff and Consigliere, but the result for an Investigator will be Framer, Vampire or Jester.
Godfather Mafia Killing Choose who to kill at night. The Mafioso will attack the target, if there is one. If not, you will attack the target.
Janitor Mafia Deception Choose a person to clean each night. Their role and will shows up as blank.
Mafioso Mafia Killing Kill whoever the Godfather wants you to kill. If the Godfather doesn't order you or is dead, you choose. You visit the target instead of the Godfather.